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George | Believe It or Not
Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you
-(10 word story)
A Tribe Called Quest | Stressed Out
Him and I were once strangers for godsake. I remember when he came up to me in the halls and told me how pretty I was, he told me he wanted to meet all the voices in my head. I smiled and shook my head, and he replied, “Come on. I will let you meet mine.” He took my hand in his and that’s all it took. He held the stars in his hands and assured me he would pour them into me. He swore he would never leave me like my dad did, he promised he would always be by my side. And oh fuck I fell for every rehearsed word that dripped from his alluring lips. I believed him oh god why did I trust him. He walked away without looking back and I still can’t get off this fucking bench.
-the voices haven’t talked to me in days // 6-27-14 // 6:14PM (via restrictedthoughts)